The author is currently undergoing major “midol” moment and is coping from a bad bad bad case of first love. She watched several sappy romantic-comedy films before giving birth to this abomination of a blog. She is forever hoping for her forever to not become an eternity of infinite longing. She has a decent yet mediocre corporate position which helps her keep her ass out of the streets.  When she’s done being a daytime serf, she vomits words and lets her flatulence take over her keyboard. This is one of her blogs (sad, but true).

She apologizes in advance for the people she will be namedropping, henceforth. She will not be held liable to any discomfort and discontent this would cause to the reader/s. (Drink midol if you must, to soothe the pain. However if symptoms persists, insult your doctor not me).

This will be hard and painful, not like your first maybe. So brace yourself, if you wish to read further.  And yes, there will be lots of sappy pop culture references. You have every reason to judge.  Let the stone throwing begin.

– The Very Late L –


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