Congratulations I’m Sorry!

Did you see the sky, I think it means that we’ve been lost
Maybe one less time is all we need
I can’t really help it if my tongue’s all tied in knots
Jumping off a bridge, it’s just the farthest that I’ve ever been

Yes. It would have been cooler if you’re about to hear a review of Gin Blossom’s album, something about music.

But no, this is about..mainly, about a coming of age story. No, not really. But just a possibility that this is just a phase that one, twenty-something has to really go through, some during puberty at which the normal timing would be just around thirteen or so. But for others (case in point—-moi) it would be around their late twenties, when things are about to just get serious like cancer.

I’d like to think at this point that this blog is what it really seems. I would like to tell you now that this may just one one of my blogs with a huge disclaimer that says. I am a girl. I have issues just like any other girl – trying to step up in a man’s world,  earning a  decent living and trying not to fall apart despite the fact that at this point….I have reached a major bump on the road because I met you and temporarily stepped out of sanity. How come?  Hmm, let’s just say the real pre-adolescent me regain consciousness: took me out of my comfort zone, gave me another acne outbreak and made me sing “I will survive” when I am alone during weekends. Yeah, that person is still me and I am still coping from this huge mess I made – by myself (without you coercing me to do it).

How that came to be? Let me try to excavate the murky and slightly dark memories before YOU. The beginning.