Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The first real date I think I was on was just last year.  I had no specifications on how a real date would be for me but based on the amount of time I spent watching romantic-comedy films, I have come to a conclusion that it can be summarized in three parts:
1.  The beginning. Two people. Let me rephrase, Two people who have mutually-agreed to be part of it. One of the two, initiated the it.
2. The middle. The basics.  Movie? Dinner? Or just Coffee. The meat of the pie.
3.  The Ending.  A smile on the face. A giddy unexplainable expression  that will leave  you sleepless for days, if it turned out pretty awesome or if it did turn out horrible, a proverbial kick in the nuts.

I am sorry but I would probably give you the blow by blow account on how the night transpired.I think it turned out great.

Going back on the three major pointers I specified earlier here is actually what happened in reality:

1. The Beginning –  He said “Let’s watch a movie.” I wasn’t sure if it was an open invitation to the rest of us who were inside the office at that time. And I am not sure if anyone else was paying attention. And I was thinking, it appears that judging from the statement it was already set. “Let’s watch a movie” as opposed to “Would you like to see a movie?” wherein the other person would have the chance to ponder and respond Regardless because I was clearly just overthinking,   I obliged. He asked if anyone else is joining . I paused and thought,hmmm. Well the others saw it already. The hype about the movie was so-last week ago. And instinctively, I already know the answer. I said none. I asked the same thing to him “You?”. He said none.  Two people. Mutually consenting. Check.

2. The Middle –  I surprised my supervisor when I said I would not be extending office hours for the night. And yes, it was unusual at that time. We went out of the office conspicuously( I think I was pretty conscious now that well, maybe this is really a date, date). I haven’t really been in one that I am looking forward to since College).  I picked the theater. I picked the time to accommodate the fact that he’d be coming from his class. No, he’s not in College. He was taking post-grad studies.  The movie was awesome. After it, he asked if there’s a coffee shop nearby. Sadly, the one I knew was already closed. It was  almost midnight at that time. And since we were hooked on the movie and were having unresolved issues about it,  I obliged to his persuasion to get coffee. We went to the coffee shop nearest to the building where we used to work. And we talked, and  talked about anything that comes to mind, mostly about work and some of his personal stories came about. And then we realized that it’s almost 6 a.m. and that well, we still have work later. The meat of the pie. Check.

3. The Ending – We walked out of the coffee shop. It felt surreal that it was already 6 a.m. Time flew by so quickly. I guess that happens when you are having fun.  I asked how he will go home and he said that he’d probably take the jeepney. He hailed a cab for me. Brushed my hair with his hand ( which was odd for me at that time), and said that the night rocked. And I was pretty speechless myself.  You can pretty much tell that I won’t be kicking anybody’s nuts at that point.

When I checked facebook that day. I saw his status update ” You’d know you had a great movie night, when you forgot about how awesome the movie was because the company was way better.” It may not be the exact words but I pretty much have a sharp memory. I think that was what have been said.

Chickened out to reply to his post (Yes, the cowardice began that day), I posted my own status message: “I concur. : )

I had to admit that at this point, you will start throwing rocks at me because that was the most juvenile thing that I have done. What’s holding me back from just liking his status or just well, commenting on the post itself?

It hit me that I am not ready to publicly admit that I had a great time with him and that I was being a douche. I am pretty lame at this point.  The night wasn’t.  And I hit me like a yellow school bus. I actually like this guy.

I didn’t admit it publicly. Was I suppose to? I didn’t know. I was not informed. Clearly, I have been clueless at that time that, that might have been it.  The first best date ever.  I wasn’t conscious about it the whole time, however in retrospect I have seen that it was the proverbial big bang.

I have never felt like this before — knowing the very exact details of how things transpire for that night and having recurring thoughts of it was one. I never thought about that like how I thought about let’s say the PROM or some other event I’ve have been in the past.  That sneaky son of a bitch! I really didn’t see this one coming.

I guess you can pretty much conclude that this was the real beginning of how things would come to a gruesome cliffhanger. Stay tuned.